Environment Policy

MPS Ltd has identified and complies with environmental legislation relevant to its business activities. We are committed to preventing pollution and reducing our impact on the environment by:

  • Implementing a system for recycling a wide range of waste streams including paper, plastic containers and film, ink cartridges, food and garden waste, electrical equipment, stamps, metal cans, cooking oil and batteries.
  • Selling or giving away unwanted equipment and redundant supplies
  • Reducing energy consumption by turning electrical equipment off when not in use, using sleep features, using laptops rather than desktops.
  • Monitoring our vehicle fuel consumption, regularly maintaining our vehicles and using public transport for work purposes where possible.
  • Monitoring our water and energy consumption, within our carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Reducing our use or resources, printing double sided and 2 pages per page for draft documents, only using e-invoices and buying recycled stationery where possible.
  • Using environmentally friendly products including water-based products.
  • Regularly donating to and supporting local charities and encouraging staff to develop themselves through education, training and voluntary work.
  • Auditing our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

Although we are already demonstrating a reduction in our environmental impact, over the next 12 months we are also committed to:

  • Continuing to monitor and reduce our environmental impact .
  • Installing energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Using a purchasing policy that considers environmental and Life Cycle impacts when purchasing equipment.
  • Purchasing cleaning products not tested on animals.
  • Continue to volunteer and supporting local charities.

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